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  • I’ve Been Seeing a Therapist for Years, So Why Am I Not Getting Better?
    The answer: We need to address what’s happening inside the office as well as stigma. During the creation of the documentary Going Sane I interviewed Cindy Bulik. She is perhaps […] link to source

  • How to Support a Family Member Struggling with Anxiety
    Anxiety is a novel concept in society. Millions of people all over the world struggle with symptoms related to anxiety every day. This common ailment is characterized by uneasiness, uncertainty, obsessive thinking, palpitations, […] link to source

  • When Ruminating Becomes a Problem
    Everyone ruminates. We especially ruminate when we’re stressed out. Maybe you’re ruminating about an upcoming test—you have to score an A to keep your scholarship. Maybe you’re ruminating about an […] link to source

  • The Flawed Mental Healthcare Industry
    I’ve spent the bulk of my life living with depression and anxiety. This means that I’ve spent most of my life in and out of doctor’s offices, with different counselor’s, […] link to source

  • How to Use Media to Start a Parent-Teen Conversation About Mental Health
    Using TV Shows and Social Media to Initiate Conversations About Mental Health Mental health is a tough topic to tackle with teenagers, especially when they are often defensive, distant, or […] link to source

  • Dealing with Borderline Personality Disorder
    Those with borderline personality disorder (BPD) suffer from a pervasive fear of abandonment and are often triggered into feeling put down or mistreated. They defend against feelings of abandonment, with […] link to source

  • 6 Reasons to Reconsider Group Therapy
    “I suppose that since most of our hurts come through relationships, so will our healing.” – William Paul Young Have you ever considered attending a therapy group? I hadn’t, until several years ago when […] link to source

  • Understanding the Connection Between Going Back to School and Adolescent Anxiety
    As summer winds down and returning to school becomes an unavoidable reality, many teenagers are experiencing a rush of varied emotions. Some teens enjoy school and are eager to trade […] link to source

  • Self-Development: From Bondage to Freedom
    Freedom is necessary for self-development. Without it, the child would be unable to experiment with different selves, which would stunt their development and growth. There are a number of ways […] link to source

  • Can Art Therapy Help Heal the Pain of PTSD?
    Art therapy has experienced tremendous growth over the past two decades, not only advancing treatment options but also advancing into different populations and treatment settings. In particular, art therapists have […] link to source

  • 5 Common Myths about Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
    Whether you’ve been to therapy or not, you’ve probably heard about cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). It’s a popular type of therapy that many, many therapists use to help their clients treat […] link to source

  • Book Review: Born Anxious
    The story of Daniel P. Keating’s new book, Born Anxious: The Lifelong Impact of Early Adversity – and How to Break the Cycle begins from the day we are conceived. While […] link to source

  • Therapists Spill: When I Dislike a Client
    Years ago, when John Duffy, Ph.D, was training to become a clinical psychologist, he asked his supervisor to stop seeing a client. The man was brash and rude and shamelessly […] link to source

  • Clinicians on the Couch: 10 Questions with Psychologist John Lundin
    We rarely get a glimpse into the personal thoughts of therapists outside their offices. We rarely get a glimpse into their personal lives. Which is exactly what we do with […] link to source

  • Book Review: The Transformative Power of Ten Minutes
    How much can we accomplish in ten minutes? Perhaps we can answer a few emails, or load the dishwasher, but could it really be enough time to do something to help […] link to source

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