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  • Hearts and Minds: How We Think About Moral Dilemmas
    Consider the following question: You are on a bridge above a runaway train quickly approaching a fork in the tracks. On the tracks extending to the left is a group […] link to source

  • Dealing with OCD — When Instincts Are Wrong
    So many times in my life, especially in my role as a mom, I have trusted my instincts when faced with difficult decisions. When my son was dealing with severe […] link to source

  • Book Review: Saved by the Dog
    I have been around dogs all my life. Due to life circumstances, my only “siblings” and my only “children” have been dogs. When I was growing up, I remember a […] link to source

  • Book Review: The Developmental Science of Early Childhood
    In her new book, The Developmental Science of Early Childhood: Clinical Applications of Infant Mental Health Concepts from Infancy Through Adolescence, Claudia M. Gold draws upon recent research, theory, and vignettes […] link to source

  • Book Review: The Undoing Project
    Michael Lewis, the author of Liar’s Poker, The Blind Side, and Moneyball is out with a new book that is already a bestseller: The Undoing Project: A Friendship That Changed Our Minds. […] link to source

  • Book Review: Our Emotional Footprint
    Have you ever wondered about someone that you see on the bus, plane, or train? Are you a ‘people watcher’ by nature? Do you sometimes allow your imagination to create […] link to source

  • Book Review: The Worry-Free Mind
    What do you worry about? Is it your family? Finances? Relationships? We all have things that we worry about at times but the good news is that we can train […] link to source

  • Book Review: The Genogram Casebook
    We are social creatures. Perhaps more than anything, our relationships with our family members and friends define us. Healthy relationships bolster us and help us act confidently in our communities; […] link to source

  • Book Review: Brain Briefs
    Have you ever wondered if multitasking is an effective work strategy? Why we develop prejudices? Whether playing Mozart will make your infant smarter? What the differences between the right and […] link to source

  • Therapists Spill: What I Thought Was True About Therapy But Wasn’t
    Because therapy is confidential and done behind closed doors, it can seem almost cryptic. Even if you’ve seen a therapist several times, you still might be confused about how therapy […] link to source

  • Causes of Psychosis
    When my son Dan was diagnosed with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, his psychiatrist informed me and my husband that Dan was “borderline psychotic.” In other words, our son was out of […] link to source

  • The Melancholic Artist
    For many, the artist is an admirable, cultured poet, living above society, constantly assessing the human condition and nature. The artist is seen as the ultimate division from society, in […] link to source

  • Book Review: Weight, Diet & Body Image
    When is the last time you were at an event that did not involve food? Perhaps it was a Monday morning committee meeting or church activity on Thursday night. Because […] link to source

  • Carfentanil: Everything You Should Know About the Deadly Synthetic Heroin
    Synthetic opioids such as fentanyl have been making a huge splash in the United States and are causing an unprecedented number of overdoses and deaths throughout suburban America. Recently, a […] link to source

  • OCD and Social Scrupulosity
    Most people associate scrupulosity with religion, and indeed religious scrupulosity is often an issue for some people with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Those with this type of OCD have unreasonable religious expectations […] link to source

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