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  • I’m OK (sort of): The Unpredictability of OCD
    When people ask me how I’m doing, I say that I’m doing ok. And sometimes I really am. The problem is that when you’re someone like me, someone who lives […] link to source

  • Book Review: Hidden Treasure
    Do you like to pretend you are a pirate searching for gold? Hidden Treasure by Alice McDowell won’t take you down the plank, but it will take you on a […] link to source

  • Book Review: The Ethics of Caring
    Caring is a universal force that compels healers all of kinds, from therapists to bodyworkers. Yet, as much as we are all drawn to the desire to help, really helping […] link to source

  • Book Review: How People Change
    The dust jacket of How People Change is a mirror image of two people; black and white on the left, and in color on the right. When I saw it, […] link to source

  • An Open Letter to Any Child Who Lost a Parent to Suicide
    You will spend countless hours, days, and years asking why. Why you weren’t enough of a reason for them to stay and fight. Why they were able to end things […] link to source

  • C-PTSD and Interpersonal Relationships
    As I have discussed in other articles, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) is a unique condition that is the result of suffering a series of traumatic incidents over a […] link to source

  • Right, Wrong or Indifferent: Finding a Moral Compass
    In this polarized political climate, people are vocal about their perceptions of right and wrong. What might appear to be simple, has become complex. The values we hold are, in […] link to source

  • The Benefits of Alternative Therapies
    Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most commonly used therapy practices in the United States. CBT, unlike psychoanalysis, takes a more direct approach to specific goals the patient initially […] link to source

  • Growing Up with a Psychotic Mother
    I was ten when my mother had her first psychotic break. It was May. I was looking forward to lazy summer days at the pool, an art camp, a stack […] link to source

  • Addiction and the “Why Can’t They Stop?” Enigma
    Why can’t they stop? This is perhaps the most elusive question posed when it comes to addiction. The answer is just as elusive — fleeting, incomprehensible, and illusory, like a […] link to source

  • Book Review: Scientists Making a Difference
    As a kid, I heard countless grown-ups say the same odd thing when I asked how they’d chosen their careers. “I had no idea I’d be a ceramics teacher,” they’d say. […] link to source

  • I’ve Been Seeing a Therapist for Years, So Why Am I Not Getting Better?
    The answer: We need to address what’s happening inside the office as well as stigma. During the creation of the documentary Going Sane I interviewed Cindy Bulik. She is perhaps […] link to source

  • How to Support a Family Member Struggling with Anxiety
    Anxiety is a novel concept in society. Millions of people all over the world struggle with symptoms related to anxiety every day. This common ailment is characterized by uneasiness, uncertainty, obsessive thinking, palpitations, […] link to source

  • When Ruminating Becomes a Problem
    Everyone ruminates. We especially ruminate when we’re stressed out. Maybe you’re ruminating about an upcoming test—you have to score an A to keep your scholarship. Maybe you’re ruminating about an […] link to source

  • The Flawed Mental Healthcare Industry
    I’ve spent the bulk of my life living with depression and anxiety. This means that I’ve spent most of my life in and out of doctor’s offices, with different counselor’s, […] link to source

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