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  • OCD and Social Scrupulosity
    Most people associate scrupulosity with religion, and indeed religious scrupulosity is often an issue for some people with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Those with this type of OCD have unreasonable religious expectations […] link to source

  • Book Review: Treating Trauma-Related Dissociation
    I have had both friends and clients who had dissociative identity disorder. I have also come across therapists who diagnosed virtually every client they saw as DID. I wish this […] link to source

  • Book Review: Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Inclusive Classroom, 2nd Edition
    The small boy perched on the saddle, alternatively flapping his hands and running them up and down the pony’s bristly mane. The handler at the pony’s head looked back. “Are […] link to source

  • Book Review: The Posttraumatic Growth Workbook
    The authors of The Posttraumatic Growth Workbook: Coming Through Trauma Wiser, Stronger, and More Resilient, Richard Tedeschi and Bret Moore, are both practicing psychologists and have been for many years […] link to source

  • Book Review: A Loving Divorce
    When a couple says, “I do,” those two simple words are filled with hope, love, and devotion. There is a sense of permanency, of stability, of forever. And yet we […] link to source

  • Book Review: The 8 Keys to End Bullying Activity Book Companion Guide
    While conflict is inevitable, it is also an opportunity for growth. When we become competent at handling the power struggles and abuses of power that occur in all walks of […] link to source

  • Book Review: The 8 Keys to End Bullying Activity Book
    While parents and educators frequently talk about the problem of bullying in schools and recognize that it is a growing, often dangerous problem, just how we go about addressing it […] link to source

  • Book Review: The Voices Within
    Have you ever really thought about what your thoughts sound like? Do your thoughts sound like your voice or someone else? Do they express themselves in words or some other […] link to source

  • Book Review: How Does That Make You Feel?
    How Does That Make You Feel? True Confessions from Both Sides of the Therapy Couch is the ultimate tell-all book for our times. The people sharing secrets include psychotherapy clients, […] link to source

  • Book Review: Holistic Healing for Addiction
    As someone who has finally emerged from years of self-hatred and depression fueled by personal trauma, the cover and title of the book, Holistic Healing for Drug & Alcohol Addiction: […] link to source

  • Book Review: Reach: A New Strategy
    The information here is so sensible and clearly stated, that by the time you finish this quick little read, you’ll practically believe you thought it up yourself. Andrew Molinsky, a […] link to source

  • Book Review: The Lies We Tell Ourselves
    While writers such as Dan Ariely and Robert Trivers have explored the topic of self-deception from the perspectives of behavioral economics and evolutionary biology, the question we may often find […] link to source

  • Would Confidentiality Be an Issue If You Saw Your Podiatrist in Public?
    This morning while standing in the front office of the counseling practice where I see clients, a woman came to the window, to fill out paperwork for her intake assessment. […] link to source

  • Book Review: End the Insomnia Struggle
    So much of how we live our lives depends on getting good sleep. If you have a poor night’s sleep, you feel tired all the following day, you may be […] link to source

  • Book Review: The Assertiveness Guide for Women
    I don’t want to make the situation worse. I don’t want others to think I’m controlling. I’m afraid the person won’t like me anymore. These are just a few of […] link to source

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