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  • There Is No Wrong Way to Mourn a Loss
    The book Stuart Little is unsettling because of the way it ends. Or rather, doesn’t end. The story is about a mouse who goes on various adventures with his bird friend, Margalo. […] link to source

  • Broken: How to Put Together the Fragments of Your Life
    “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohen, “Anthem” Those who enter therapists’ offices often relate that they feel broken and that they […] link to source

  • Brain-Circuit-Based Therapies for OCD
    I say it over and over again when I write about OCD. The evidence-based psychological treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder is a type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy known as exposure and […] link to source

  • How to Get People to Make Good Decisions
    When we witness people in our lives headed down the wrong path — it’s a natural instinct to correct them, educate them about what’s wrong with what they’re doing, and […] link to source

  • What’s the Q in LGBTQ?
    “I’m not afraid of being gay. What I fear is abandoning my family.” Q is for “Quirk” When I first accepted that I was fighting sexual attraction to other men, […] link to source

  • Therapists Spill: How I Faced My Fears
    We assume that therapists have everything figured out. We assume they don’t really struggle—or at least not like we do. Which means they don’t have fears—or they’ve conquered them a […] link to source

  • Therapists Hold Myths About Therapy, Too
    Before they first walk through the door, clients are usually clueless about how therapy works and what it actually looks like. Which is absolutely understandable. Film and television often distort […] link to source

  • Mindful Motoring: How Herbie the Love Bug Is Saving My Life
    If you work in the mental health field for long enough, eventually you’ll hear the word “mindfulness” so often that, one day, you’ll be sitting in a treatment team meeting […] link to source

  • Book Review: Anxiety Free Kids
    Having anxiety as an adult can be debilitating. And for a parent, watching a child struggle with anxiety can be heartbreaking and confusing. Many parents have trouble finding the right words, […] link to source

  • Book Review: Raising A Secure Child
    Parents, it turns out, make a lot of mistakes. But according to the authors of the new book, Raising a Secure Child: How Circle of Security Parenting Can Help You […] link to source

  • Therapists Spill: What I’ve Learned About Fear
    For many of us, fear is a four-letter word. We ignore it, dismiss it and despise it. We see it as another thing we’re doing wrong. After all, we’ve read […] link to source

  • Book Review: The Anti-Depressant Book
    Teenage suicides can leave us all feeling helpless — especially when they happen in epidemic proportions. But for teenagers who suffer from the sort of depression that might make them […] link to source

  • Hearts and Minds: How We Think About Moral Dilemmas
    Consider the following question: You are on a bridge above a runaway train quickly approaching a fork in the tracks. On the tracks extending to the left is a group […] link to source

  • Dealing with OCD — When Instincts Are Wrong
    So many times in my life, especially in my role as a mom, I have trusted my instincts when faced with difficult decisions. When my son was dealing with severe […] link to source

  • Book Review: Saved by the Dog
    I have been around dogs all my life. Due to life circumstances, my only “siblings” and my only “children” have been dogs. When I was growing up, I remember a […] link to source

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