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American Psychological Association Recent Press Releases

ψ American Psychological Association Recent Press Releases Recent news releases for reporters and media outlets regarding new psychological research, APA activities, current national events, and new APA products and services. Link to the source
  • David Nygren Senior Director, Marketing and Branding, For APA Publishing
    New post to promote key publishing programs link to source

  • Secret to Happiness May Include More Unpleasant Emotions
    Research contradicts idea that people should always seek pleasure to be happy link to source

  • So Lonely I Could Die
    Social isolation, loneliness could be greater threat to public health than obesity, researchers say link to source

  • Can Discrimination Contribute to Feelings of Radicalization?
    Lack of cultural identity, marginalization related to Muslim immigrants’ support for extremism, research finds link to source

  • Understanding How Persuasion Works Can Make Consumers More Savvy
    It’s not just art, it’s science, psychologist says link to source

  • New Mindfulness Method Helps Coaches, Athletes Score
    Sessions can help athletes at all levels develop mental edge, psychologist says link to source

  • Older Adults With HIV: An Overlooked Population?
    Stigma due to age, sexual orientation, HIV status contributes to poor mental, physical health link to source

  • Age of First Exposure to Pornography Shapes Men's Attitudes Toward Women
    Young exposure associated with need for power over women, older with promiscuity, study says link to source

  • Fat Shaming in the Doctor's Office Can Be Mentally and Physically Harmful
    Health care providers may offer weight loss advice in place of medical treatment, researchers say link to source

  • Why Are Doctors Underusing a Drug to Treat Opioid Addiction?
    Access to counseling for patients, mentoring for physicians could help increase use, survey says link to source

  • Yoga Effective at Reducing Symptoms of Depression
    Multi-week regimen may be an effective complement to traditional therapy, multiple studies suggest link to source

  • APA Reaffirms Support for Research with Nonhuman Animals
    Notes contributions to advancing scientific knowledge link to source

  • APA Journals Program Collaborates with Center for Open Science to Advance Open Science Practices in Psychological Research
    Offers preprint services, data repository, open science badges link to source

  • APA Launches Comprehensive Online Resource on Treatment for PTSD
    Clinical practice guideline can help inform health care providers’ and patients’ treatment plans for PTSD link to source

  • Nation's Largest Psychological Association Marks 125th Anniversary at DC Convention
    Special sessions, posthumous award, other celebrations planned link to source

  • Statement of the American Psychological Association on the Senate's Failure to Repeal and Replace Affordable Care Act
    link to source

  • APA Applauds Legislation to Protect Pregnant Women in Prisons
    Bill would ban use of restraints, restrictive housing of pregnant women in federal prisons link to source

  • Women and Men Report Similar Levels of Work-Family Conflicts
    Research contradicts stereotypes that only women have trouble juggling work and family link to source

  • Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman, PhD, to be Keynote Speaker at APA Convention
    Conversation highlights the past and future of psychology link to source

  • APA Questions Announcement to Bar Transgender People From US Military
    Cites research showing no ill effects of open service on military readiness, harmfulness of discrimination to health, well-being link to source

  • APA Again Urges Senate Defeat of "Repeal and Replace" Bills
    Measures under consideration would gut Medicaid, leave over 20 million uninsured link to source

  • Self-Proclaimed Slackers May Be Sabotaging Own Health
    Feeling less active than your peers is associated with an earlier death, study says link to source

  • APA Upgrades APA PsycNET® Content Delivery Platform
    New features improve searchability, add useful functions link to source

  • Revised Senate Health Care Bill Worse Than First Version, APA Says
    Two-tiered insurance markets would force most vulnerable into more-expensive plans link to source

  • Under Stress, Brains of Bulimics Respond Differently to Food
    Scans suggest food is a form of escape from self-critical thoughts link to source

  • APA Continues to Oppose Administration's Travel Ban
    Welcomes clarification allowing some to enter U.S. link to source

  • Accentuate the Positive to Reduce Risk of Chronic Disease
    Greater diversity of positive emotions associated with lower indicators of systemic inflammation, study says link to source

  • APA Voices Opposition to Senate Better Care Reconciliation Act
    Bill would devastate Medicaid, endanger Americans with mental health and substance use disorders, including opioid addictions, APA says link to source

  • APA Refocuses Pilot Program Aimed At Curtailing Unauthorized Publication Of Journal Articles
    Individual authors not program’s target, APA says link to source

  • Dan D. Rogers Elementary School Wins Golden Psi Award
    Dallas school honored for implementing mindfulness practices link to source

  • Heads of Major Mental Health Associations Urge Senate to Reject Flawed American Health Care Act
    Letter to Senate leaders offers blueprint for health care reform link to source

  • Mind Changing Can Be Risky
    Leaders who change stance on moral position seen as hypocritical, less effective, study says link to source

  • American Psychological Association Appoints George Kowal as Senior Director, Sales and Customer Support
    Kowal joins APA's nearly $100 million publishing group after working at Thomson Reuters and The Scientist magazine, among other positions. link to source

  • APA Style CENTRAL® Honored as Gold Stevie® Award Winner in 2017 American Business Awardssm
    link to source

  • Charismatic Leaders: Too Much of a Good Thing?
    Leaders with moderate amounts of charisma seen as more effective than those with high or low levels, study says link to source

  • APA Urges Senate to Start Over on Health Care
    Statement by APA president, Antonio E. Puente, PhD, in response to the Congressional Budget Office’s scoring of the American Health Care Act link to source

  • Fathers' Brains Respond Differently to Daughters Than Sons
    Daily interactions with toddlers may be influenced by gender, research finds link to source

  • Change at Work Linked to Employee Stress, Distrust and Intent to Quit, New Survey Finds
    Almost one-third of U.S. workers cynical about organizational changes, management’s motives link to source

  • APA Criticizes White House Budget Proposal
    Proposed cuts imperil public health, research, education link to source

  • Region in Brain Found to be Associated with Fear of Uncertain Future
    Findings could lead to new ways to identify and treat individuals at risk for anxiety disorders link to source

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