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American Psychological Association Recent Press Releases

ψ American Psychological Association Recent Press Releases Recent news releases for reporters and media outlets regarding new psychological research, APA activities, current national events, and new APA products and services. Link to the source
  • Workplace Sexual Harassment "A Chronic Problem," Says APA President
    More research needed to help predict who will harass, assess effective prevention strategies link to source

  • Statement of APA President in Response to House, Senate Tax Bills
    link to source

  • APA Elects University of Memphis Professor Rosie Phillips Bingham 2019 President
    Will serve as 2018 president-elect link to source

  • APA Honors Military for Their Service
    Association works to support veterans link to source

  • Statement of APA President in Response to Texas Church Shootings
    Calling it a "mental health problem" distracts from finding real solutions to gun violence, Puente says link to source

  • APA Commends Many Recommendations of President's Opioid Commission
    Association calls for more funding, emphasis on nonpharmacological pain interventions link to source

  • APA Stress in America™ Survey: US at ‘Lowest Point We Can Remember;’ Future of Nation Most Commonly Reported Source of Stress
    Stress in America poll shows US at its highest stress level yet link to source

  • Bonding Benefits of Breastfeeding Extend Years Beyond Infancy
    Longer breastfeeding predicts increases in maternal sensitivity over time link to source

  • President's Declaring Opioid Epidemic a First Step, But Much More Needed, According to APA
    Association outlines other critical measures to stem the tide link to source

  • APA Supports Alexander-Murray Bill to Extend Health Insurance Subsidies for Two Years
    Says halting payments would "cause chaos" link to source

  • The Problem with Being Pretty
    When applying for less desirable jobs, attractive people may be at a disadvantage, study says link to source

  • APA Identifies 10 Trends to Watch in Psychology
    Discipline plays increasingly important roles in workplaces, health care and technological advances link to source

  • Supervisor Support Critical to Employee Well-Being and Workforce Readiness
    Fewer women than men report opportunities to develop skills needed for career growth link to source

  • Statement of APA in Response to Trump Order to Halt Vital Health Insurance Subsidies
    link to source

  • Statement of APA President in Response to President's Executive Order to Override State Health Insurance Protections, Affordable Care Act Rules
    link to source

  • APA Names First Chief Communications Officer
    Aebersold brings 25 years of communications experience, innovation, management link to source

  • Statement of APA on Thaler's Nobel Prize in Economics
    link to source

  • Best Way to Recognize Emotions in Others: Listen
    Voice-only communication more accurate than visual cues for identifying others’ feelings, study says link to source

  • APA Resources for Coping with Mass Shootings, Understanding Gun Violence
    Includes advice on how to talk to kids, calls for public health approach to gun problems link to source

  • American Psychological Association Welcomes Withdrawal of Cassidy-Graham
    Statement by APA President Antonio E. Puente, PhD, in response to the withdrawal of Cassidy-Graham. link to source

  • APA Urges Defeat of Latest Senate 'Repeal and Replace' Bill
    Provisions would impose deep cuts on vital state Medicaid programs, likely leave millions without insurance link to source

  • How Do Close Relationships Lead to Longer Life?
    Special issue of APA journal outlines science on social ties and health, calls for public health priority link to source

  • APA Statement on President Trump's Decision to End DACA
    Calls for Congress to reinstate protections for young immigrants link to source

  • Statement of APA President in Response to Hurricane Harvey
    link to source

  • APA Calls on President to Preserve "Dreamers" Program
    Urges him to consider impact on immigrants, families link to source

  • Judge Dismisses Defamation Lawsuit Against APA
    Rules that Ohio state court had no jurisdiction link to source

  • APA Reaction to Settlement of Torture Case Against Psychologists Mitchell, Jessen
    Duo left stain on their profession, says APA president link to source

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