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American Psychological Association Recent Press Releases

ψ American Psychological Association Recent Press Releases Recent news releases for reporters and media outlets regarding new psychological research, APA activities, current national events, and new APA products and services. Link to the source
  • Region in Brain Found to be Associated with Fear of Uncertain Future
    Findings could lead to new ways to identify and treat individuals at risk for anxiety disorders link to source

  • APA Voices Disappointment Upon Passage of American Health Care Act
    Urges Senate to reject bill that could deprive millions of people access to health insurance link to source

  • Political Talk Plagues Workers Months After U.S. Election
    Americans say political discussions with coworkers are causing stress, hurting job performance link to source

  • APA Voices Opposition To Revised American Health Care Act
    Proposed amendment would further reduce health care coverage, association says link to source

  • APA Marks Mental Health Awareness Month With Range of Activities
    Events will address challenges for children’s mental health, LGBTIQ population, minority boys and men, caregivers and people with chronic illness link to source

  • Rowlett High School Teacher Earns APA Award For Excellence
    Tiffany Karns recognized for commitment to psychology education link to source

  • Prospect High School Teacher Earns APA Award For Excellence
    Daria Schaffeld recognized for commitment to psychology education link to source

  • Why Do Some With Radical Views Become Terrorists Yet Others Don't?
    Special issue of APA’s flagship journal looks at psychology of terrorism link to source

  • Idaho Becomes Fifth State to Allow Psychologists to Prescribe Medications
    Law will increase access to care, APA says link to source

  • Cold Symptoms Feel Worse When People Feel Lonely
    Quality, not quantity, of relationships makes a difference link to source

  • Climate Change's Toll On Mental Health
    New report outlines psychological effects on individuals and communities, vulnerable populations link to source

  • APA Hails SCOTUS Decision Texas Cannot Use Outdated Approach to Intellectual Disability
    Scientifically validated standards must apply, court says link to source

  • APA Urges Congress to Support Veterans Affairs Research, Mental Health Services
    Requests actions to increase recruitment, retention of qualified psychologists link to source

  • APA Teams With Microsoft to Bring Mental Health Education Into the Classroom
    Online program links psychologists with students via Skype link to source

  • APA Urges Congress to Reject President's Proposed Budget
    Drastic cuts would severely limit science, health, education and human services programs link to source

  • APA Calls Upon Congress to Oppose American Health Care Act
    Expresses concern to House leaders over Congressional Budget Office analysis link to source

  • APA Recognizes Five Organizations For Healthy Workplace Practices
    Employers honored for fostering employee well-being while enhancing business performance link to source

  • People See Black Men as Larger, More Threatening Than Same-Sized White Men
    Findings could help explain why black men more likely to be shot by police, study says link to source

  • APA Voices Concerns With American Health Care Act
    Calls on Congress to maintain mental health and substance use coverage link to source

  • APA Endorses March for Science
    Calls on psychologists and allies to participate link to source

  • Patients More Likely To Refuse Drug Therapy Than Psychotherapy For Mental Health
    Individuals already on drug therapy also more likely to discontinue treatment early, study says link to source

  • Do You Look Like Your Name? People Can Match Names to Faces of Strangers With Surprising Accuracy
    Computers can also be programmed to match names and faces, study says link to source

  • APA’s Survey Finds Constantly Checking Electronic Devices Linked to Significant Stress for Most Americans
    Stress in America poll shows parents struggling to balance personal and family technology use link to source

  • No Spoilers! Most People Don't Want to Know Their Future
    Learning what the future holds, good or bad, not appealing to most, study says link to source

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