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American Psychological Association Recent Press Releases

ψ American Psychological Association Recent Press Releases Recent news releases for reporters and media outlets regarding new psychological research, APA activities, current national events, and new APA products and services. Link to the source
  • Statement of APA President in Response to Florida High School Shooting
    Framing the problem in terms of mental illness does not direct us to appropriate solutions, Daniel says link to source

  • APA Urges Congress to Reject Spending Cuts That Would Undermine the Future Health of the Nation
    Proposed FY2019 budget falls short of addressing opioid epidemic, decimates mental health workforce pipeline programs link to source

  • APA Urges Defeat of Bill to Weaken Americans With Disabilities Act
    Measure would establish lengthy waiting period, shift responsibility to people with disabilities link to source

  • APA President Connects Black History Month to Psychology
    link to source

  • Belief in Conspiracy Theories Associated with Vaccine Skepticism
    Despite scientific evidence, some people still question vaccinations, study says link to source

  • Dishonest Individuals Perceived as Less Capable
    People view immoral individuals as less able to do their jobs or complete tasks effectively, study says link to source

  • Stress About Health Insurance Costs Reported by Majority of Americans, APA Stress in Americaâ„¢ Survey Reveals
    Uncertainty about the future of their own health and that of others also significant source of stress link to source

  • APA Appoints 11 to Ethics Code Task Force
    Group charged with evaluating code, recommending revisions as needed link to source

  • APA Releases New Journal Article Reporting Standards
    Aimed at increasing transparency, standards guide quantitative and qualitative research reporting link to source

  • Statement of APA President Marking Martin Luther King Day
    link to source

  • Statement in Response to Executive Order on Supporting Veterans During Transition to Civilian Life
    link to source

  • Higher Stress Among Minority and Low-Income Populations Can Lead to Health Disparities, Says Report
    Recommends steps to address stress that significantly affect health differences, life expectancy link to source

  • Perfectionism Among Young People Significantly Increased Since 1980s, Study Finds
    Excessive desire to succeed, compete with others may have negative impact on youth psychological health link to source

  • How Much People Earn is Associated With How They Experience Happiness
    Lower-income individuals experience more positive emotions focused on others, study says link to source

  • APA Calls for Consideration of Best Scientific Evidence By CDC, HHS
    Guidance reflects pattern of devaluing science, APA asserts link to source

  • Workplace Sexual Harassment "A Chronic Problem," Says APA President
    More research needed to help predict who will harass, assess effective prevention strategies link to source

  • Statement of APA President in Response to House, Senate Tax Bills
    link to source

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