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ψ Medical News Today Psychiatry is the medical treatment of the psyche, and psychology is the science of the psyche. This category includes news on psychiatric treatments, rehabilitation and medications, forensic psychiatry, cognitive behavioral therapy and the functioning of the mind. Link to the source
  • Loneliness may harm sleep quality for young adults
    Young adults who feel lonely may be at greater risk of poor sleep quality, daytime tiredness, and concentration problems, new study finds. link to source

  • Does drinking change your personality? Not so much, study suggests
    A new psychological study suggests that, contrary to popular belief, our 'drunk' and 'sober' personalities do not differ that much. link to source

  • Oxytocin: The 'relationship crisis hormone'?
    New study suggests that the 'love hormone' oxytocin should be referred to as 'crisis hormone,' since it is released in response to relationship insecurity. link to source

  • Lack of 'beauty sleep' might hinder your social life
    Just 2 nights of poor sleep may make you appear less attractive to others, and it may even deter people from socializing with you, a study suggests. link to source

  • Biomarkers for cognitive impairment in Parkinson's revealed
    A new study finds four biomarkers that may predict if people with Parkinson's disease will have severe cognitive decline within 3 years of diagnosis. link to source

  • Scientists uncover a role for the microbiome in regulating fear responses
    New research has shown that the microbiome, the collective trillions of bacteria within the gastrointestinal tract, regulates fear responses and modifies the brain function of adult mice. link to source

  • Veterans with PTSD have an increased 'fight or flight' response
    Young veterans with combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have an increased 'fight or flight' response during mental stress, according to new findings published in The Journal of... link to source

  • Severe mental illness linked to much higher risk for cardiovascular disease
    An international study of more than 3.2 million people with severe mental illness reveals a substantially increased risk for developing cardiovascular disease compared to the general population. link to source

  • PTSD medications may increase dementia risk
    New research suggests a link between post-traumatic stress disorder and increased dementia risk, but this risk may depend on the use of psychoactive drugs. link to source

  • Is your child stressed? Get them a dog
    Just like adults, children can be under enormous amounts of stress. New research says that a dog might help children to cope with stressful situations. link to source

  • Smiling makes you look older
    Do you want to look younger? Then avoid smiling. According to the latest research, if you want to take a couple of years off, look surprised instead. link to source

  • A leisurely walk can boost mood, psychological well-being
    There may be no need to hit the gym to boost your psychological well-being; new research suggests that a simple leisurely stroll should do the trick. link to source

  • First genetic location found for anorexia nervosa
    In what is perhaps the most significant genomic study of anorexia nervosa to date, researchers find the first genetic locus for the disorder. link to source

  • Do red Smarties make you happier? 'Live the trial' class debunks the myth
    A test to assess the effect of red Smarties on happiness has been used to teach the often "dull" or "boring" concepts of clinical research. link to source

  • Psychology vs. philosophy: Beauty requires thought
    Psychology researchers conclude that Kant was both right and wrong about beauty: if you want to appreciate beauty, you'll need to think about it. link to source

  • Low-dose cannabinoid THC restores memory and learning in old mice
    A new study finds that a low dose of THC - the main psychoactive compound in marijuana - can reverse age-related cognitive decline in old mice. link to source

  • Study looks at maternal smoking in pregnancy, severe mental illness in offspring
    A population-based study that analyzed data for nearly 1.7 million people born in Sweden suggests family-related factors, rather than causal teratogenic effects (birth defect causing), may explain... link to source

  • Discovery of new pathway in brain has implications for schizophrenia treatment
    Neuroscientists at Tufts University School of Medicine have discovered a new signaling pathway that directly connects two major receptors in the brain associated with learning and memory - the... link to source

  • Massaging your partner can boost your well-being, reduce stress
    Researchers have found that both giving a massage to a partner and receiving one can have signifiant benefits for one's own physical and mental well-being. link to source

  • Can swearing increase your physical strength?
    A recent study from Keele University finds that the act of swearing out loud can increase strength and power output in physical challenges. link to source

  • Dorothea Dix: Redefining mental illness
    In the last of a series of articles celebrating female role models in medicine, we look at how Dorothea Dix helped to tackle the stigma of mental illness. link to source

  • Antipsychotics: Do they do more harm than good?
    A new study investigates the benefits and side effects of antipsychotic medication for people with schizophrenia and related mental health conditions. link to source

  • First large-scale population analysis reinforces ketamine's reputation as antidepressant
    Better known as an anesthetic or as an illicit hallucinogenic drug, ketamine has also long been noted for alleviating depression. link to source

  • More than half of mental health NHS patients experience relapses
    A new study has shown that approximately 53 per cent of NHS patients displayed clinical symptoms of depression and anxiety within a year after completing psychological treatments. link to source

  • Researchers develop online support for people with bipolar disorder
    An online relapse prevention tool for Bipolar Disorder offers a "cheap accessible option" for people seeking support following treatment, say researchers. link to source

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