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  • Gifts for the 2017 Holiday Season
    Our suggestions are mainly things you can do for others (the gift of a free evening of babysitting, being present, writing down your memories of any period in your life), things you can do for yourself (a starter yoyo, the feeling of helping someone else), and books we've really loved. link to source

  • Active Learning Yields Results – Part 2
    Welcome back to part 2 of the active learning studies done by my students this fall. link to source

  • Active Learning Yields Results – Part 1
    The students in Positive Psychology: The Science of Optimal Human Functioning did not just read books, listen to my mini-lectures, and write papers. They conducted class-based research projects to contribute to our collective knowledge. link to source

  • Pistons of Promise, Foundations of Gratitude
    Seligman is the lead author of the 2016 book, Homo Prospectus, a work of interdisciplinary collaboration about the human ability to assess what we face in the future. Authorship is shared with philosopher Peter Railton, leading willpower researcher Roy Baumeister, and brain mechanism scientist Chandra Sripada. Together, they identify four distinct ways of thinking that guide us to purposeful choice. link to source

  • Time to Act: Register Now for Webinar on Confidence – Wednesday, Nov. 29 at 3pm ET
    November 27, 2017By Senia Maymin and Kathryn Britton - ANNOUNCEMENT:  Two more days until the FIRST Positive Psychology News webinar featuring Louisa Jewell on building confidence. WHEN: November 29 at 3PM EDT WHERE:… link to source

  • Something a Little Different for Thanksgiving…
    It seems that every year around Thanksgiving, people like to quote Dr. Robert Emmons’ work on gratitude. It becomes de rigeur to count your blessings and enumerate what you are grateful for. But I’d like to propose something a little different this year. link to source

  • You are Invited: Registration Form included for First PPND Webinar on Nov. 29
    We are so excited to have the esteemed author Louisa Jewell as our guest for the first ever PPND webinar. Join us for a three part program: A brief interview, followed by a highpoint from her brand new book, and live questions from the audience. link to source

  • Stand on the Shoulders of Giants: Short Time before Toolkit Price Goes Up (Sponsored)
    There are so many creative people out there finding ways to apply positive psychology in so many different settings, from childhood to old age, from home to school to work to retirement. So how do you stand on the shoulders of these giants in our field? Hint: short window before the price of the Positive Psychology Toolkit© goes up. link to source

  • The Power of Moments by Chip Heath and Dan Heath (Book Review)
    What do you get when you mix together a compelling idea, numerous engaging stories, a clear structure, and a firm research grounding? You get a book that is made to stick and useful from the moment you read it. This is a book I’ll keep close by to help me plan for moments that matter. I’ve thought of at least 3 opportunities to use the ideas this week. link to source

  • Wire Your Brain for Confidence and Conquer Self-Doubt (Book Review)
    In her abundant, practical, and well-researched book about confidence, Louisa Jewell weaves together the science of positive psychology, self-efficacy, self-determination theory, and neuropsychology in an engaging and accessible manner. link to source

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