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  • Putting Research into Practice With Mindfulness X (Sponsored)
    Mindfulness X was developed in the Netherlands by Hugo Alberts, psychologist, researcher, and entrepreneur. The program combines the practice and psychology of mindfulness for trainers looking to apply a science-based mindfulness approach to their client bases. link to source

  • The Healing Power of Love
    So this Valentine’s Day, whether you’re loving a baby, flirting madly with someone new, keeping the flames of love stoked with your mate, or giving to close relatives, cherished friends, strangers, or pets, remember that loving words, gazes, and gentle touch can elevate the giver and receiver to experience laughter, gratitude, and joy together. link to source

  • Stop Improving and Start Living
    We can begin by stepping away from the self-improvement craze and understanding our place in the larger flow of life. What are we here to achieve? What needs can we address (aside from our own) and how can we make a real difference to other lives? Meaning is relational by its very nature. It grows out of bursting our self-reflective bubbles and belonging to something larger than ourselves. link to source

  • Looking Back, Looking Forward
    As we approached this new year, we decided to ask our authors to look back at something they learned in 2017 and to look forward with a suggestion. Resolutions are often running out of steam about now. You might find some ideas here to support making 2018 a great year. link to source

  • Celebrate Hugging
    A few years ago, I embarked on a 250-mile road trip to meet Mata Amritanandamayi, affectionately known as Amma, a Hindu spiritual leader who has amplified the simple, powerful, loving gesture of a hug to an astonishing level. Like many things that are authentic and true, when I had my chance, it was nothing like I had imagined, and it was wonderful. link to source

  • The Differences Among Mindfulness, Flow, and Hypnosis
    Mindfulness, hypnosis, and flow all involve states of deep attention, but each has a key differentiator. link to source

  • Practicing Happy Together can be a SNAP for Aristotelian Lovers
    Today I want to highlight two compelling concepts from Happy Together that can help you cultivate stronger and happier relationships. link to source

  • Happy Together Relationship Workout (Book Review)
    As the calendar bends towards Valentine’s Day, Happy Together is a wonderful book for you and the important people in your life. It provides a dazzling array of easy-to-implement exercises to keep your relationships strong and energetic. The Pawelskis demonstrate that relationships can get better with age, like fine bottles of wine. link to source

  • The Wonder of Wonder
    How do we act toward people who seem different? Those that act with kindness and respect create something wondrous. link to source

  • Sisu, Not Silence: A Global Movement to Change the Narrative around Interpersonal Violence
    A year ago, Emilia Lahti launched a project called Sisu, not Silence, a movement for peace and compassion intended to empower people who have survived violence, especially those who have overcome domestic violence. Now, it is only a few days until Emilia starts a special campaign in which she plans to run 50 ultramarathons in 50 days, traversing the length of New Zealand. I invited her to tell us about this amazing initiative that will start on January 18, 2018. link to source

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