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  • The Power of Moments by Chip Heath and Dan Heath (Book Review)
    What do you get when you mix together a compelling idea, numerous engaging stories, a clear structure, and a firm research grounding? You get a book that is made to stick and useful from the moment you read it. This is a book I’ll keep close by to help me plan for moments that matter. I’ve thought of at least 3 opportunities to use the ideas this week. link to source

  • Wire Your Brain for Confidence and Conquer Self-Doubt (Book Review)
    In her abundant, practical, and well-researched book about confidence, Louisa Jewell weaves together the science of positive psychology, self-efficacy, self-determination theory, and neuropsychology in an engaging and accessible manner. link to source

  • New Coursera Series on Positive Psychology
    The University of Pennsylvania, in collaboration with the online education platform Coursera, has launched a specialization certificate program called Foundations of Positive Psychology. The five-course series provides participants with the key theories and research in the field of Positive Psychology, as well as opportunities for application. link to source

  • Character Strengths Interventions (Book Review)
    Character Strengths Interventions is a gold mine for practitioners. Its tips, 24 handouts, and 70 interventions are valuable nuggets. Figuring out how to quickly finding those nuggets will make this book even more useful. I hope this review helps you efficiently strike gold in this valuable book. link to source

  • Getting Grit (Book Review)
    Getting Grit is like getting a coach between book covers. It is a clear, application-oriented book full of reflection questions, activities, and exercises for people who want to build authentic grit that will make a difference not just for themselves, but also for the communities around them. link to source

  • What’s Love Got to Do With It?
    Can love affect our health? Answering this question is no small undertaking, but I think the Grant study has managed it. link to source

  • Option B (Book Review)
    I wasn’t sure about reading this book, but I’m ever so glad that I did. I want to read it again with my highlighter firmly in hand and note all the wisdom again. this book This book has definitely equipped me to be more compassionate when someone close to me is suffering from a tragic loss. I feel that I know better what to say, what to do, and how to be a meaningful support with less fear and trepidation, and more confidence. link to source

  • Two New Views of Learned Helplessness
    Pondering the possibility that the theory of learned helplessness is both backwards and incomplete. link to source

  • The Climb Out of the Comfort Zone: A Review of Andy Molinsky’s Reach
    Andy Molinsky lays out a comprehensive system of problems and corresponding solutions clearly and smoothly. Many people will find in his book the means to make the hard climb into a better, wider world. link to source

  • Inspiration & a Few Laughs from HBO Documentary: If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast
    A heartwarming, delightful, and profound new HBO documentary, If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast, highlights amazing people living and thriving into their 90s and 100s! link to source

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