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  • Anorexia Revealed in "Jerky" Eyes, Study Finds
    Source: The Age - Top StoriesMelbourne researchers have discovered that people with anorexia subtly move their eyes in a jerky fashion, boosting hopes they have found a new part of the brain on which to test experimental treatments. on. link to source

  • India Launches Campaign to Tackle Its Dwindling Number of Girls
    Source: Yahoo News - HealthPrime Minister Narendra Modi condemned the blight of India's dwindling number of girls on Thursday, launching a campaign to address the problem the United Nations has said amounts to a national emergency. The "Beti Bachao Beti Padhao" (Save the Daughter, Teach the Daughter) campaign is aimed at improving India's child sex ratio — the number of girls born for every 1,000 boys - and gender equality through access to education. link to source

  • Transgender Teen's Death Stirs Action in U.S. and Beyond
    Source: ABC News - US NewsTransgender teen's death stirs action in US and beyond; 'There are so many people like Leelah'. link to source

  • School-Wide Prevention Program Lowers Teen Suicide Risk
    Source: Yahoo News - HealthAfter a school-based prevention program, European teenagers were about half as likely to attempt suicide or to feel suicidal, a new study shows. Danuta Wasserman, a professor of psychiatry at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, said the program was likely successful because students “felt that the power of mastering their feelings, coping with stress and choosing solutions was in their hands... link to source

  • Emma Watson Urges Men to Join Gender Equality Battle
    Source: Yahoo News - HealthBritish actress Emma Watson urged young men to speak out when women are degraded, husbands to support wives to pursue their ambitions and businessmen who mentor women to share their experiences, as part of a drive to get more men to champion women's rights. The star, also a goodwill ambassador for UN Women, was speaking on Friday at the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos, Switzerland, where she helped to launch the next phase of a... link to source

  • France Takes Battle Against Radical Islam into Schools
    Source: Reuters - World NewsFrance announced new measures on Thursday aimed at helping schools combat radical Islam, racism and anti-Semitism in reaction to deadly Islamist attacks two weeks ago. link to source

  • Obama Makes Historic "Transgender" Reference in Annual Address
    Source: CNN - Top StoriesPresident Obama became the first president to use the words "lesbian," "bisexual" and "transgender" in a State of the Union, calling for protections for individuals of any sexual orientation. link to source

  • Twitter Can Help Gauge Community Well-Being
    Source: China DailyAustralian researchers have discovered how social media can serve as an indicator of a community's psychological wellbeing and can predict rates of heart disease. link to source

  • Psychology Tool Profiles Users at Risk of Cyberattacks
    Source: World Press Review - World Press WireResearchers are developing tool that can identify and advise people who are more vulnerable to cyberattacks, based on how they use email and Web browsers as well as their keyboard and mouse actions. link to source

  • Dog-Human Cooperation Is Based on Social Skills of Wolves
    Source: ScienceDailyDogs are 'man's best friend.' The origins of this dog-human relationship were subject of a study by behavioral scientists. They showed that the ancestors of dogs, the wolves, are at least as attentive to members of their species and to humans as dogs are. This social skill did not emerge during domestication, as has been suggested previously, but was already present in wolves. link to source

  • Baker Faces Complaint for Refusing Antigay Message on Cake
    Source: Yahoo News - Top HeadlinesA dispute over a cake in Colorado raises a new question about gay rights and religious freedom: If bakers can be fined for refusing to serve married gay couples, can they also be punished for declining to make a cake with anti-gay statements? link to source

  • U.N. Holds First-Ever Meeting on Anti-Semitism on Thursday
    Source: Yahoo News - Top HeadlinesThe United Nations General Assembly is holding its first-ever meeting devoted to anti-Semitism on Thursday in response to a global increase in violence against Jews — a meeting scheduled even before the recent attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris. link to source

  • British Tabloid the Sun Ends Its Tradition of Using Topless Models
    Source: Time MagazineThe use of so-called page-three girls has been slammed as sexist and outdated. link to source

  • Couples Who Work Together to Get Healthy Have More Success
    Source: Yahoo News - ScienceThe study shows that "changing together" is associated with even better outcomes than even having a partner with a consistently healthy lifestyle, said study researcher Jane Wardle, a psychology professor and director of the health behavior research center at the University College London. "Our study didn't address the reasons for success," Wardle told Live Science. The men and women were participants in a long-term study on aging, and they... link to source

  • Technologies, Apps for Therapy on the Go
    Source: USA Today - TechnologyA growing group of technologies is pitching coaching, counseling and monitoring services at teens and young adults fighting mental health issues. link to source

  • Are More Men Getting Eating Disorders?
    Source: The GuardianSince 2000, the number of men diagnosed with eating disorders has risen by nearly 30%. What’s going on? “Somewhere deep within me is a destructive urge,” says Colin. “It’s this gremlin in my head that hits me at unexpected moments. Ultimately, complete recovery requires changing my perception of myself. It is going to be a struggle, but it’s achievable.” Colin is a 50-year-old community development manager, and has battled an... link to source

  • Meet Nine Mental Wellness Warriors Making a Difference
    Source: CNN - HealthToo often, the nation only hears about mental illness when tragedy strikes. But from the famous to the everyman, there are warriors fighting for better treatment and working to defy stigma. link to source

  • Academic Fields That Cherish Genius Shun Women, Study Finds
    Source: Yahoo News - HealthFor academic fields whose members revere a "spark of genius" above all other qualities, there is a disquieting message at U.S. colleges and universities: women need not apply. The researchers surveyed 1,820 graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and faculty members in 30 academic disciplines at public and private institutions around the United States. They were asked to identify the attributes needed to succeed in their academic fields... link to source

  • Mindfulness Meditation Melts Away Job Stress
    Source: CBS News - HealthwatchThis growing trend can help everyone on the corporate ladder find calm within the chaos and a path to success. link to source

  • Men Want Commitment When Women Are Scarce, Study Finds
    Source: ScienceDailyThe sexual stereotype, in line with evolutionary theory, is that women want commitment and men want lots of flings. But a study of the Makushi people in Guyana shows the truth is more complex, with men more likely to seek long-term relationships when women are in short supply. link to source

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