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  • Altering Brain Chemistry Makes Us More Sensitive to Inequality
    Source: ScienceDailyWhat if there were a pill that made you more compassionate? A new study finds that giving a drug that changes the neurochemical balance in the brain causes a greater willingness to engage in prosocial behaviors, such as ensuring that resources are divided more equally. link to source

  • Could Smoggy Air Raise Your Anxiety Level?
    Source: Google News - HealthAir pollution may take a toll not only on physical health, but mental well-being as well, two new studies suggest. In one, researchers confirmed a long-studied connection between air pollution and link to source

  • Puerto Rico Ends Its Defense of Same-Sex Marriage Ban
    Source: Reuters - World NewsThe Puerto Rican government will no longer defend a law that bans same-sex couples from marrying and does not recognize the validity of such marriages performed in other jurisdictions, the U.S. commonwealth's attorney general announced on Friday. link to source

  • Brains of Those with Anorexia React Differently to Hunger Signals
    Source: U.S. News and World ReportStudy also finds changes in areas that regulate self-control. link to source

  • Airlines Largely Rely on Pilot's "Self-Monitoring" Mental Health
    Source: USA Today - U.S. NewsThere are regular formal physical exams, but not mental ones.            . link to source

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy Reduces Suicide Risk
    Source: ScienceDailyA variety of dialectical behavior therapy interventions helped to reduce suicide attempts and nonsuicidal self-injury acts in a randomized clinical trial of women with borderline personality disorder who were highly suicidal. link to source

  • Sweden Adds Gender-Neutral Pronoun to Dictionary
    Source: The GuardianThe official dictionary of the Swedish language will introduce a gender-neutral pronoun in April, editors at the Swedish Academy have announced. “Hen” will be added to “han” (he) and “hon” (she) as one of 13,000 new words in the latest edition of the Swedish Academy’s SAOL. link to source

  • Investigation Finds That Slavery Taints Global Supply of Seafood
    Source: ABC News - World NewsAP investigation: Men forced to work as slaves to catch seafood for global supply. link to source

  • Alaska State Lawmakers Seek Pet Protection in Domestic Violence Cases
    Source: Reuters - US NewsThe well-being of pets would be considered in divorce, domestic violence and other types of cases under a bill introduced in the Alaska legislature, lawmakers said on Tuesday. link to source

  • Suggestions for Nudging Children Toward Healthier Food Choices
    Source: ScienceDailyStrategies aimed at reducing childhood obesity should acknowledge individuals’ rational taste preferences and apply insights from behavioral economics to design choice architecture that increases their likelihood of success, say two physician-scientists. link to source

  • Antipsychotics Pose Lethal Risk for Dementia Patients
    Source: U.S. News and World ReportThe medications are widely used to treat the delusions, hallucinations, agitation and aggression that occur in many people with Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns that antipsychotic drugs have a significant risk of side effects, the study authors pointed out. link to source

  • Kids Confront Sexism As India Grapples with Abuse of Women
    Source: Yahoo News - HealthStanding before a classroom packed with teenagers, Yojana Salunke begins her weekly one-hour lesson on a subject which many experts say is crucial to helping India address one of its biggest challenges - gender inequality. As India grapples to stem rising violence against women, activists say classes like these - which confront traditional gender roles and challenge sexism amongst the youth – are key to changing attitudes and curbing... link to source

  • Years Later, Stress Training Pays Off for Cancer Patients, Say Reseachers
    Source: Yahoo News - HealthEleven years later, women who took a stress management course after being diagnosed with breast cancer were still reaping the benefits of the training. Depression is common during cancer treatment and afterward, said senior author Michael H. Antoni of the University of Miami, in Coral Gables, Florida. Cognitive behavioral stress management techniques “such as progressive muscle relaxation and deep breathing... link to source

  • Breastfeeding May Lead to Higher IQ, Future Earnings, Study Suggests
    Source: Yahoo News - HealthPeople breastfed as infants have higher intelligence scores in adulthood, and higher earnings, according to a study published Wednesday that tracked the development of 3,500 newborns over 30 years. "The effect of breastfeeding on brain development and child intelligence is well established," lead author Bernardo Lessa Horta of the Federal University of Pelotas in Brazil said in a statement. What has been less clear, is whether the... link to source

  • Presbyterian Church Regognizes Same-Sex Marriage
    Source: CBS News - U.S. NewsThe amendment to the church constitution makes it the largest Protestant group to formally recognize same-sex marriage. link to source

  • Chelsea Clinton: Internet Access Is Key to Gender Equality
    Source: Google NewsOn issues from education and healthcare to discrimination and leadership, the status of women and girls worldwide has improved dramatically over the last two decades. The maternal mortality rate has dropped by half, and the number of boys and girls with access to primary education has nearly balanced out. link to source

  • Trying to Quit Smoking? A Smoking Spouse May Not Help
    Source: Yahoo News - Health"If your partner smokes, and you need to quit, it's harder to succeed than it would be if you were living alone,” said Rachel Margolis, a sociology researcher at the University of Western Ontario. Margolis and her coauthor Laura Wright mined data from 5,250 smokers ages 50 to 85 who participated in the U.S. Health and Retirement Study between 1992 and 2010. Slightly more than half of the participants stopped smoking at some point during the... link to source

  • Mental Health Misdiagnosis Twice As Likely for Disadvantaged Groups
    Source: ScienceDailyThe shooting of an unarmed teenager in Ferguson ignited a global discussion about implicit racial bias. You might think that clinical therapists -- people trained to understand the mind -- would be immune from this bias. But a new study finds that the social identities of patients and therapists affect the accuracy of the diagnosis: Therapists were twice as likely to misdiagnose mental illness when patients were from a disadvantaged, compared to... link to source

  • Violence Against Women Is at "Alarmingly High Levels," UN Says
    Source: Time Magazine"Uneven progress" 20 years after the landmark Beijing conference on gender equality. link to source

  • Parents Who Over-Praise Kids May Breed Narcissism, Study Suggests
    Source: CBS News - Healthwatch"In America, we have it all backward. We assume if we boost our child's self-esteem, they'll behave well.". link to source

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