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  • What Facial Features Matter Most in First Impressions?
    Source: Yahoo News - ScienceA computer system that mimics the human brain has identified which facial features most influence how others first perceive a person, scientists say. These findings could lead to computer programs that automatically see which photographs would help people give the best first impressions they can, the researchers added. link to source

  • Matchmaking Site Admits That It Experimented on Customers
    Source: Reuters - TechnologyOkCupid, a top U.S. matchmaking website, regularly mismatches users to test its technology, the IAC/InterActive Corp service revealed on Monday, weeks after Facebook Inc admitted to misleading users in a psychological study. link to source

  • Dementia Predicted by Slow Walking Speed and Memory Problems
    Source: Google News - HealthMedical News Today Dementia 'predicted by slow walking speed and memory problems' Medical News Today Early diagnosis of dementia is critical to delaying the onset of cognitive decline. Now, a new study published in the journal Neurology suggests that a simple test of walking speed and memory could provide just that. Approximately 5.2 million Americans are ... Slow Walking Speed Can Predict Dementia Laboratory Equipment Slow Walking Speed... link to source

  • U.S. Court Strikes Down Virginia's Same-Sex Marriage Ban
    Source: MSNBC - US NewsThe Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals said the state's laws "impermissibly infringe on its citizens’ fundamental right to marry.". link to source

  • China Has Grown Richer But More Unequal, Says Report
    Source: The GuardianAbout a third of China's wealth held by 1% of citizens, with disparity greatest between affluent east coast and poorer interior China is becoming more unequal as it gets richer, with about a third of the country's wealth now concentrated in the hands of 1% of its citizens, according to new research. link to source

  • Mobile Phone App Sheds New Light on Risk Taking Behaviour
    Source: BBC News - Science and EnvironmentSpecially designed mobile games can help scientists answer important questions about cognition, a team finds. link to source

  • Most Dissatisfied Cities in European Analysis: Athens and Palermo
    Source: The GuardianA report looking into satisfaction levels in 79 European cities does little to shake the stereotype of Nordic utopia, while Mediterranean cities seethe with discontent – and British ones seem okay with their lot. link to source

  • Some Teens Turn to Growth Hormones for the "Perfect" Body
    Source: Time MagazineA generation aware of the risks of eating disorders now has performance-enhancing drugs available at a click--but not much information on their possible side effects. link to source

  • Wildlife Loss Linked to Child Slavery
    Source: BBC News - Science and EnvironmentNew research suggests that the global reduction in wildlife is connected to an increase in human trafficking and child slavery. link to source

  • Wives with More Education Than Their Husbands No Longer Risk Divorce
    Source: ScienceDailyFor decades, couples in which a wife had more education than her husband faced a higher risk of divorce than those in which a husband had more education, but a new study finds this is no longer the case. link to source

  • Dogs Are Capable of Feeling Jealousy, Report Concludes
    Source: Yahoo News - ScienceDogs are a man's best friend, and research released on Wednesday says canines want to keep it that way. Dogs are capable of feeling a basic form of jealousy, according to a study published in the PLOS ONE scientific journal. link to source

  • Does Control of HIV Pandemic Require Support for Sex Workers?
    Source: ScienceDailyAcross the world, in high- and low-income countries, women, men, and transgender people who sell sex are subjected to repressive and discriminatory law, policy, and practice, which in turn fuel human rights violations against them, including violence and discrimination. All of these factors are preventing sex workers from accessing the services which they need in order to effectively prevent and treat HIV infection, according to a major new... link to source

  • Large Study Discovers Over 100 Gene Links to Schizophrenia
    Source: Yahoo News - ScienceA new genetic analysis of people with schizophrenia — and the largest study investigating the genetic basis of any psychiatric disorder to date — provides hints that the disease may sometimes be connected with infections as some researchers have long suggested. There have been few innovative drug treatments for schizophrenia over the last 60 years. "In the past, people thought schizophrenia must happen because of some really bad mutations in... link to source

  • Anti-Gay Laws Can Fuel Spread of HIV, Research Finds
    Source: USA Today - U.S. NewsCountries with anti-gay laws may find that HIV infections spread more readily.            . link to source

  • Empathy or Justice: What Makes Consumers Donate More to Charity?
    Source: ScienceDailyHave you ever received a request for help and wondered how deserving the recipients are of your donation? This way of thinking may seem inconsistent with your moral values, especially if you consider yourself an otherwise compassionate and empathic person. A new study suggests that moral identity decreases donations when recipients are deemed to be responsible for their plight. link to source

  • Researchers Detect Love and Lust Through Eye Movements
    Source: Google News - HealthHave you ever experienced love at first sight? What about lust at first sight? Though these two different emotional and cognitive states are difficult to distinguish from each other, researchers studying eye patterns have found that where your date focuses their eyes on you could reveal whether he or she is romantically or sexually attracted. link to source

  • "Jews and Arabs Refuse to Be Enemies" Shows Power of Love
    Source: Social Psychology Network NewsAmid unrest in the Middle East, some interfaith couples are determined to prove love is stronger than war. link to source

  • Plus-Size Parking Spaces for Women in China Spark Charges of Sexism
    Source: Time MagazineMall managers said women had trouble with navigating standard width spots. link to source

  • Obama Will Sign Order Barring Gay, Transgender Discrimination
    Source: L.A. Times - National NewsPresident Obama has turned down a plea from religious groups that they be exempt from an executive order he plans to sign Monday prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating against gay or transgender workers, officials said Friday. link to source

  • Gender Quotas Work Best in "Tight" Cultures, Say Resesarchers
    Source: ScienceDailyQuotas probably won't get more women into the boardroom in places like the US and Canada. They have a better chance however in countries such as China or Germany where people place a higher value on obeying authority and conforming to cultural norms. It all comes down to a culture's 'tightness' or 'looseness' -- the degree to which a culture maintains social norms, adheres to authority structures and tolerates deviations from them. link to source

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