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  • Researchers Detect Love and Lust Through Eye Movements
    Source: Google News - HealthHave you ever experienced love at first sight? What about lust at first sight? Though these two different emotional and cognitive states are difficult to distinguish from each other, researchers studying eye patterns have found that where your date focuses their eyes on you could reveal whether he or she is romantically or sexually attracted. link to source

  • Smoking During Pregnancy Linked to ADHD Risk in Child
    Source: Google News - HealthSmoking during pregnancy can boost ADHD risk in child The Westside Story A new study has linked smoking during pregnancy to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children. The study, which was led by Lin Liang Zhu of the Research Program for Children's Mental Health at Aarhus University in Denmark, found that ... Smoking while pregnant linked to ADHD in children 13abc Action News all 10 news articles ». link to source

  • "Jews and Arabs Refuse to Be Enemies" Shows Power of Love
    Source: Social Psychology Network NewsAmid unrest in the Middle East, some interfaith couples are determined to prove love is stronger than war. link to source

  • Plus-Size Parking Spaces for Women in China Spark Charges of Sexism
    Source: Time MagazineMall managers said women had trouble with navigating standard width spots. link to source

  • Obama Will Sign Order Barring Gay, Transgender Discrimination
    Source: L.A. Times - National NewsPresident Obama has turned down a plea from religious groups that they be exempt from an executive order he plans to sign Monday prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating against gay or transgender workers, officials said Friday. link to source

  • Gender Quotas Work Best in "Tight" Cultures, Say Resesarchers
    Source: ScienceDailyQuotas probably won't get more women into the boardroom in places like the US and Canada. They have a better chance however in countries such as China or Germany where people place a higher value on obeying authority and conforming to cultural norms. It all comes down to a culture's 'tightness' or 'looseness' -- the degree to which a culture maintains social norms, adheres to authority structures and tolerates deviations from them. link to source

  • Do Women Talk More Than Men? It's All About Context
    Source: ScienceDailyA new study has been able to tease out a more accurate picture of the talkative-woman stereotype we're so familiar with -- and they found that context plays a large role. Using so-​​called "sociometers" -- wearable devices roughly the size of smart­phones that col­lect real-​​time data about the user's social interactions -- the research team was able to tease out a more accu­rate pic­ture of the stereo­type. link to source

  • Friends Have More DNA in Common Than Strangers 
    Source: Yahoo News - SciencePeople may unsuspectingly choose friends who have some DNA sequences in common with them, a new analysis finds. Researchers compared gene variations between nearly 2,000 people who were not biologically related, and found that friends had more gene variations in common than strangers. The study lends a possible scientific backing for the well-worn clichés, "We're just like family," or "Friends are the family you... link to source

  • Study Examines What Women Think of Other Women Wearing Red
    Source: ABC News - Good Morning AmericaA study, published today in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, finds that female onlookers, when showed photos of another woman wearing red jumped to the conclusion that she would be a sexual threat. link to source

  • Disabled People Are Often Banned from Voting, But Why?
    Source: Yahoo News - Top HeadlinesAt a time when election officials are struggling to convince more Americans to vote, advocates for the disabled say thousands of people with autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy and other intellectual or developmental disabilities have been systematically denied that basic right in the nation's largest county. link to source

  • Pentagon Funds a Brain Implant to Fix Memory Problems
    Source: Google News - HealthPentagon is betting tens of millions of dollars that so-called neuroprosthetics will someday be used by victims of traumatic brain injuries and other conditions to overcome memory problems. link to source

  • Interrupted Night's Sleep Can Be As Harmful As No Sleep
    Source: ScienceDailyInterrupted sleep can be as physically detrimental as no sleep at all, researchers explain in a first of its kind study. In the study, the investigators establish a causal link between interrupted sleep patterns and compromised cognitive abilities, shortened attention spans, and negative moods. The researchers discovered that interrupted sleep is equivalent to no more than four consecutive hours of sleep. link to source

  • Racial Profiling Reported in NSA, FBI Surveillance
    Source: U.S. News and World ReportProminent Muslim-Americans were targeted by government surveillance, reports say. link to source

  • Why People with Bipolar Disorder Are Bigger Risk-Takers
    Source: ScienceDailyCircuits in the brain involved in pursuing and relishing rewarding experiences are more strongly activated in people with bipolar disorder, guiding them towards riskier gambles and away from safer ones, researchers report. The study used brain imaging to identify neural pathways that are responsible for the symptoms of the disorder. The findings will help to design, evaluate and monitor therapies for bipolar disorder. link to source

  • The Mind Game of the Soccer Shootout
    Source: Canadian Broadcasting Company - Top Stories NewsWith the World Cup at the semi-final stage, experts say the shootout may be more psychological than physical, more a test of decision-making ability than athletic skill. So what's the best strategy for the player and the goalkeeper? link to source

  • Varenicline Plus Nicotine Patch Boosts Smoking Cessation Rates
    Source: ScienceDailyCombining the smoking cessation medication varenicline with nicotine replacement therapy was more effective than varenicline alone at achieving tobacco abstinence at 6 months, according to a study. The combination of behavioral approaches and pharmacotherapy are of proven benefit in assisting smokers to quit. Combining nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) with varenicline has been a suggested treatment to improve smoking abstinence, but its... link to source

  • Severe Obesity Can Cut Nearly 14 Years Off Your Life
    Source: Google News - HealthPeople who are severely obese may lose as many as 14 years off their life, a new study suggests. U.S. researchers pooled data from 20 previous studies and found that a body mass index (BMI) greater than 40 -- considered severe obesity -- raises the odds of dying early from heart disease, cancer and diabetes compared to people of normal weight. link to source

  • Kids of Same-Sex Couples Healthy, Well-Adjusted, Study Finds
    Source: CBS News - HealthwatchA new study debunks negative stereotypes about the well-being of kids with same-sex parents. link to source

  • A Dominant Brain Hemisphere for Handedness and Language?
    Source: ScienceDailyThrough an innovative approach using a large psychometric and brain imaging database, researchers have demonstrated that the location of language areas in the brain is independent of left- or right-handedness, except for a very small proportion of left-handed individuals whose right hemisphere is dominant for both manual work and language. link to source

  • Hookah Smoking Rising in Popularity Among Teens
    Source: Google News - HealthA recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that although tobacco use among teenagers in the US has declined in recent years, use of alternative tobacco products - such as hookahs - is on the rise. link to source

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