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  • Smoking While Pregnant Linked to Schizophrenia in Offspring
    Source: Medical News TodaySmoking during pregnancy is known to increase the risk of numerous health problems for offspring, including birth defects and infant death. Now, researchers suggest it may also affect a child's mental health, increasing their risk of schizophrenia. link to source

  • UNC System Takes a Stance on Controversial Bathroom Law
    Source: CBS News - U.S. NewsUniversity of North Carolina system president tells federal court whether it will enforce law affecting transgender students. link to source

  • Multiple Personality Disorder May Be Rooted in Traumatic Experiences
    Source: ScienceDailyA new study supports the notion that multiple personality disorder is rooted in traumatic experiences such as neglect or abuse in childhood, rather than being related to suggestibility or proneness to fantasy. link to source

  • Chinese Newspaper Criticizes of Taiwan's "Single" Female President
    Source: CNN - WorldAccording to an op-ed in an official Chinese state-published newspaper, being an unmarried, childless woman makes Taiwan's newly inaugurated president unfit for her job. The lengthy analysis of Tsai Ing-wen published Tuesday by Xinhua linked her single status to her political style and policies. link to source

  • Transgender Pageant Unites Christians, Muslims, Jews
    Source: MSNBC - Top NewsFriday's competition in Tel Aviv is the country's first of its kind — and brings together Jews, Christians and Muslims in a region known more for its deep divisions. "Here I don't feel Muslim, Jewish, Christian," Khouri said. "All of the people are together and the transsexual [people], they love together." Pageant judge Efrat Tilma agrees that the event is "bonding people." link to source

  • Gang-Rape Images Posted on Twitter Lead to Protests in Brazil
    Source: The GuardianPolice in Brazil are attempting to identify 30 men who allegedly participated in the gang rape of a 16-year-old girl, which was filmed on a cellphone and then distributed on Twitter. The assault and its social network aftermath have prompted a furious debate about attitudes toward women, rape culture and online psychological violence. link to source

  • 11 States Sue U.S. Government Over Transgender Bathroom Policy
    Source: The GuardianTexas, Alabama and other states seek to overturn a directive that schools allow transgender students to use the bathroom matching their gender identity Eleven US states sued the Obama administration on Wednesday, seeking to overturn a directive from the federal government this month that public schools should allow transgender students to use the bathroom matching their gender identity. Ramping up the culture wars in America, the states, led by... link to source

  • Psychiatric Disorders More Common Among Workaholics, Study Finds
    Source: Medical News TodayPublished in the journal PLOS One, the study found that workaholics were more likely to have anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) than non-workaholics. link to source

  • Exhibit Explores Truth About George Washington as Slaveholder
    Source: CBS News - U.S. NewsIt is the unavoidable Achilles' heel in the reputation of George Washington and so many other Founding Fathers: that men who risked their lives to protect their nation's liberty were also slaveholders. link to source

  • Psychology of Strategic Deception Revealed by Online Poker
    Source: ScienceDailyOnline poker offers new insights into the mind-set of scheming Machiavellians, researchers have found. The card betting game can be used as a novel way to better understand the psychology of strategic deception, say the researchers. Before now, the trait has rarely been studied in natural settings outside laboratories. link to source

  • South Africa's Parliament Approves Land Expropriation Bill
    Source: Yahoo News - Top HeadlinesSouth Africa's parliament on Thursday approved a bill allowing state expropriations of land to redress racial disparities in land ownership, an emotive issue two decades after the end of apartheid. Most of South Africa's land remains in white hands and many commercial and small-scale farmers are currently facing tough times because of the worst drought in at least a century. link to source

  • When It Comes to Replicating Studies, Context Matters
    Source: ScienceDailyContextual factors, such as the race of participants in an experiment or the geography of where the experiment was run, can reduce the likelihood of replicating psychological studies, a team of researchers has found. link to source

  • "Not That Big of a Deal": Kids' View of the Transgender Bathroom Debate
    Source: Canadian Broadcasting Company - Canadian NewsWhen it comes to the debate over transgender bathroom rights in schools, parents and politicians on both sides like to say they're doing what's best for children. But what do the kids who actually use these washrooms think? Some of the students who actually use those bathrooms say their voices are getting lost amid the noise. link to source

  • Angelina Jolie Gets New Role As Visiting Professor at LSE
    Source: The GuardianActor to join ex-foreign secretary William Hague as ‘professor in practice’ as part of new MSc in women, peace and security She met her husband Brad Pitt while playing an assassin , and won an Oscar for her portrayal of a sociopathic patient in a mental hospital, but Angelina Jolie ’s latest role may be her most surprising yet. The Hollywood actor and director has been appointed a visiting professor at the London School of Economics,... link to source

  • Extreme Preemies Disadvantaged in Jobs, Income, Marriage by 30s
    Source: ScienceDailyExtremely low birth weight (ELBW) babies who survive are more likely to be disadvantaged in employment, income, self-esteem, marriage and more by the time they reach their 30s. A longitudinal study has followed the ELBW survivors born between 1977 and 1982. link to source

  • Blood Pressure Swings Linked to Faster Mental Decline
    Source: U.S. News and World ReportFluctuations in blood pressure may be linked to faster declines in thinking skills among seniors, a new study suggests. Among older patients, those whose systolic blood pressure -- the top number in a blood pressure reading -- varied between doctor's visits showed more rapid mental deterioration and loss of verbal memory than those whose blood pressure stayed within normal ranges, researchers found. link to source

  • Powerful Role of Experience in Linking Language and Cognition in Infants
    Source: ScienceDailyEven before infants understand their first words, they have already begun to link language and thought. Listening to language boosts infant cognition. New evidence provides even greater insight into the crucial role of language exposure in infants' first months of life. link to source

  • U.S. Supreme Court Sides with Death Row Inmate in Race Bias Case
    Source: Google NewsThe Supreme Court ruled Monday morning in favor of a death row inmate in a case concerning race discrimination in jury selection. link to source

  • How Not to Talk to Someone with Anxiety
    Source: The GuardianAs part of mental health awareness week, we asked people with anxiety to explain the most and least helpful things to say In the UK a third of Britons now experience an anxiety disorder at some stage in their life. But, despite its growth, how well do we really understand it? As part of mental health awareness week we asked those who live with anxiety to tell us how it feels to them and to explain what people can say and do to make their... link to source

  • Yale Introduces Gender-Neutral Bathrooms Amid National Debate
    Source: The GuardianAs legislators clash over LGBT rights in states across the country, university says it is seeking to send a signal to the public Yale has become the latest college to introduce gender-neutral restrooms. The move comes as conservative and liberal legislators in states across the nation battle over where they believe their constituents have a right to pee . Related: Texas poised to be the next bathroom battleground in transgender fight Continue... link to source

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