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  • Toddlers Understand What Others Are Thinking, Studies Suggest
    Source: Time MagazineUntil a few decades ago, scholars believed that young children know very little, if anything, about what others are thinking. Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget, who is credited with founding the scientific study of children’s thinking, was convinced that preschool children cannot consider what goes on in the minds of others. The interviews and experiments he…. link to source

  • How the Word "You" Helps Us Deal with Negative Experiences
    Source: Medical News Today"You" is one of the most commonly used words in the English language. New research examines its psychological importance and how it helps us cope. link to source

  • Consortium Develops New Diagnostic Model for Mental Illness
    Source: ScienceDailyResearchers have has developed a new, evidence-based alternative to the mental health field's long-established diagnostic tools for the classification, treatment, and research of mental disorders. The Hierarchical Taxonomy of Psychopathology (HiTOP) addresses what the authors say are limitations to the reliability and validity of traditional models. link to source

  • White Families with Children Drawn to Less Diverse Neighborhoods, Schools
    Source: ScienceDailyRacial segregation is declining, but it remains higher for families with children than those without, a new study shows. Race appears to be a 'proxy' for school quality for many white families with children as they decide where and in which school districts they want to live, suggests a new report. link to source

  • Is 90 the New 80? Most People in Their 90s Feel Healthy
    Source: Yahoo News - SciencePerhaps 90 is the new 80: A new analysis finds that many Americans who reach age 90 and beyond say they are in good health. link to source

  • The Difference Between Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
    Source: CBS News - HealthwatchIt's a common misconception that a person's gender identity and sexual orientation are connected, but they are not. link to source

  • Nevada Backs Equal Rights Amendment Decades After Deadline
    Source: U.S. News and World ReportNevada has become the first state to approve the Equal Rights Amendment decades after the deadline to enshrine in the U.S. Constitution that women and men are equal under the law. link to source

  • Latinas Report Fewer Sex Assaults Amid Immigration Fears
    Source: U.S. News and World ReportLos Angeles' police chief says reports of sexual assault and domestic violence by Latino residents have dropped amid concerns that those in the country illegally could face deportation if they interact with police. link to source

  • Brain "Rewires" Itself to Enhance Other Senses in Blind People
    Source: ScienceDailyThe brains of those who are born blind make new connections in the absence of visual information, resulting in enhanced, compensatory abilities such as a heightened sense of hearing, smell and touch, as well as cognitive functions (such as memory and language) according to a new study. link to source

  • Boys Secure in Their Racial Identity Seek More Diverse Friendships
    Source: ScienceDailyKids often seek answers from parents, friends and media to better understand their racial identity, suggests new research. The study's researchers sought to explain how ethnic-racial identity exploration and resolution might affect friendship networks among youth in a diverse setting, as well as their peers over time. link to source

  • Spain's Female Bodyguards Who Protect Abused Women
    Source: BBC News - EuropeThe story of Ana, a victim of domestic violence, and how an organisation of women bodyguards came to her help. link to source

  • Antioxidant Supplements Don't Lower Dementia Risk
    Source: Reuters - HealthOlder men who take vitamin E and selenium supplements have the same risk of dementia as people who don't use these products, according to a new study that quashes hopes these antioxidants might prevent cognitive decline. link to source

  • U.S. Supreme Court Expands Rights for Students with Disabilities
    Source: U.S. News and World ReportThe move overturns a decision that Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch helped interpret. link to source

  • Native American Nation in Oklahoma Approves Same-Sex Marriage
    Source: Reuters - US NewsA Native American tribe in Oklahoma has voted to allow same-sex marriage, joining a small group of prominent tribes changing their law in light of the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark 2015 decision making the practice legal in all states. link to source

  • Imagining Dialogue Between Opposing Sides Boosts Critical Thinking
    Source: Psych CentralImagining a controversial issue as a debate or dialogue between two sides helps people apply deeper, more sophisticated reasoning, according to a new study published in the journal Psychological Science. link to source

  • Trump Administration Removes LGBTQ Questions From Elderly Survey
    Source: MSNBC - US NewsThere's just one change to an annual survey that determines services for older Americans: no more questions about sexual orientation or gender identity. link to source

  • When a Good Night’s Sleep Feels Like Winning the Lottery
    Source: Psych CentralA new study has found that improving your sleep makes you feel as good as winning the lottery. According to Dr. Nicole Tang in the Department of Psychology at the […]. link to source

  • Targeting Domestic Violence, New Law Makes Strangulation a Felony
    Source: U.S. News and World ReportA new state law targeting domestic violence took effect in late December, and already a half-dozen people in Blair County are facing the charge that aims specifically at one type of abuse - strangulation. link to source

  • Lifestyle Intervention Leads to 10-Point Drop in Systolic Blood Pressure
    Source: ScienceDailyIn the first randomized, double-blinded trial of an online behavioral intervention for high blood pressure, participants in web-based lifestyle counseling reduced their systolic blood pressure (the higher number in a blood-pressure reading) by 10 mmHg, compared with a 6 mmHg reduction for those taking part in a web-based control intervention, a statistically significant difference. link to source

  • Can Quantum Theory Help Explain Why Jokes Are Funny?
    Source: ScienceDailyResearchers are taking the first steps towards of a quantum theory model of humor, to explain what really happens on the cognitive level in the moment when we 'get the joke.'. link to source

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