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  • Human Head Transplant Could Happen in 2 Years, Despite Ethical Concerns
    Source: Google News - HealthEthicists might lose their heads over this one. Italian neuroscientist Sergio Canavero believes it's now possible to transplant a human head. He wants to do the first one in 2017. "The real stumbling block is the ethics," he said in New Scientist. "Should this surgery be done at all? There are obviously going to be many people who disagree with it." link to source

  • How Restaurants Use Psychology to Get You to Spend More
    Source: Star TribuneYou may think you're immune to transparent sales pitches like "Do you want fries with that?" But the tactics restaurants use to nudge you into spending a little extra may be subtler than you realize. link to source

  • Check Out the New Racially Diverse Emoji ;)
    Source: USA Today - TechnologyNew updates in beta show 300 more emojis -- including the much-anticipated option of racial diversity. link to source

  • Clinically Depressed 3 Times More Likely to Commit Violent Crime
    Source: The GuardianPeople diagnosed with depression are roughly three times more likely than the general population to commit violent crimes such as robbery, sexual offences and assault, according to psychiatric experts. A study based on more than 47,000 people in Sweden, emphasised that the overwhelming majority of depressed people are neither violent nor criminal and should not be stigmatised. link to source

  • Facebook Launches New Suicide Prevention Tool
    Source: BBC News - TechnologyUS users who are worried about a Facebook friend can now get them help from mental health experts, using a new suicide prevention tool. link to source

  • States Predict Inmates' Future Crimes with Secretive Surveys
    Source: U.S. News and World ReportStates are trying to reduce prison populations with secretive, new psychological assessments to predict which inmates will commit future crimes and who might be safe to release, despite serious problems and high-profile failures, an Associated Press investigation found. link to source

  • Older People and Eating Disorders: Not "Just a Teenager's Problem"
    Source: Google News - HealthEating disorders are often portrayed as a disease that only affects the young and privileged, yet this is not the case. Eating disorders can affect anyone at any time, regardless of age, gender identity, race, ethnicity, sexuality or cultural background. link to source

  • U.S. Military Takes Baby Step Toward Allowing Transgender Soldiers
    Source: Time MagazineAdvocates hopeful the longstanding ban could be lifted after recent comments from top officials. link to source

  • Smokers at Higher Risk of Depression, Says British Heart Foundation
    Source: Yahoo News - HealthSmokers are 70 percent more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression than non-smokers, despite the widespread view that lighting up is a stress reliever, says a study published on Tuesday. link to source

  • Study Details Lives of LGBT Youths Engaged in "Survival Sex"
    Source: Yahoo News - Top HeadlinesA unique federally funded study offers a detailed look at the lives of gay, lesbian and transgender youth in New York City who cope with homelessness and poverty by engaging in what the researchers call "survival sex... link to source

  • Study Maps Extroversion Types in the Brain's Anatomy
    Source: ScienceDailyBrown University scientists have mapped the similarities and the differences in the brain between the two different kinds of extroverts: "agentic" go-getters and "affiliative" people persons. link to source

  • U.S. Names First-Ever LGBT Human Rights Envoy
    Source: Reuters - US NewsThe United States Department of State on Monday named its first-ever special envoy to advocate globally for the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. link to source

  • When Your Eating Disorder Doesn't Have a Name
    Source: U.S. News and World ReportMost people with eating disorders don’t have anorexia or bulimia, but their conditions are no less serious. link to source

  • The Bystander Effect: Why Crowds Ignore People in Peril
    Source: Canadian Broadcasting Company - Top Stories NewsPsychology experts examine the bystander effect, the psychological term describing why people in a crowd don't react or become involved when someone is in trouble. link to source

  • Better Night’s Sleep May Help Kids with ADHD
    Source: Yahoo News - HealthKids with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and sleep problems showed slight improvement in their symptoms after undergoing a behavioral sleep intervention, Australian researchers say. link to source

  • Can People Daydream Away Their Stress?
    Source: Yahoo News - Science"What you do on Monday really makes a difference for how you feel on Tuesday," study author Shevaun Neupert, an associate professor of psychology at North Carolina State University, said in a statement. Meanwhile, "problem analysis" and "plan rehearsal" didn't seem to affect wellbeing the following day. link to source

  • Raising Zay: A Family's Journey with a Transgender Child
    Source: USA Today - U.S. NewsThe more science learns, the more medicine can help. Cincinnati has helped lead the nation in transgender children's health. link to source

  • Sleep Paralysis Linked to Genetics, Anxiety and Stressful Events
    Source: Yahoo News - SciencePeople who've experienced the strange phenomenon of sleep paralysis may feel like they can't move their body when they're falling asleep or waking up, or may have hallucinations that there's a malevolent presence pressing down on them. The results showed that genetics were partially to blame for the strange phenomenon. "The cause is still unknown, but we think it's something to do with disruption of the regular... link to source

  • Tackling Eating Disorders with School-Based Initiatives
    Source: U.S. News and World ReportSome schools are taking a proactive approach. Advocates are pushing for school-based initiatives to raise awareness about the dangers of eating disorders, which kill more Americans than any other psychiatric illness. “Educators have a real opportunity to disseminate healthful messages and address issues that are impairing the quality of life of many students,” says Rebecca Puhl, deputy director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity... link to source

  • Tool to Assess Cognitive Impairment in Multicultural Populations
    Source: ScienceDailyThe ability to assess cognitive impairment in multicultural older populations will become more important as demographics change worldwide. A new study reports that the Rowland Universal Dementia Assessment Scale is particularly effective in multicultural populations where English is not a patient's first language. link to source

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