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  • Campaigns Begin for First Saudi Female Electoral Candidates
    Source: The GuardianGender equality in the kingdom takes a slow step forward as women prepare to stand and vote in municipal elections Saudi women began their first ever campaigns for public office on Sunday, in a step forward for women’s rights in the conservative kingdom’s slow reform process. More than 900 women are standing in the 12 December municipal elections, which will also mark the first time women are allowed to vote in Saudi Arabia. link to source

  • Children with Pets May Experience Less Stress
    Source: Medical News TodayChildren who have a dog at home are less likely to have mental or emotional problems and anxiety. Owning pets could be a strategy to ward off mental health issues later in life. link to source

  • Smoking Strong Cannabis Linked to Brain Damage
    Source: Google News - HealthSmoking extremely strong cannabis can lead to “significant” brain damage, a King’s College London study suggests. The study, published in the journal Psychological Medicine, found that “skunk” cannabis damages the corpus callosum, a bundle of neural fibers that allows communication between the brain’s left and right hemispheres. link to source

  • Employers Use Video Games As Recruitment Tool
    Source: The GuardianFirms such as Deloitte hope to hire people using smartphone apps – but can they produce accurate results? Job interviews have traditionally been painful affairs, with applicants sitting, sweaty-palmed, in some anteroom wondering whether or not to accept a biscuit. But today’s job applicants may well find themselves facing not an intimidating interview panel but a computer-based “psychometric” test. And anyone after a job with accountant... link to source

  • UK "Failing to Protect Women Against Violent Men," Report Concludes
    Source: The GuardianWomen and girls are still not being protected from violent men because of “critical frontline failings”, according to an evaluation of the past 10 years of government action on the issue. A coalition of campaigning groups claims that, despite a focus on reducing domestic violence and increased awareness of child sexual abuse, male violence “still goes unchecked”. link to source

  • What The Danish Girl Reminds Us About Transgender History
    Source: Time MagazineThe vocabulary has evolved, but gender non-conformity is far from modern. link to source

  • Wheelchair Users More Likely to Die in Car Crashes
    Source: CBS News - HealthwatchWheelchair users have a significantly higher risk of being killed in car collisions than other pedestrians, according to recent research. link to source

  • Love and Hate: Interracial Couples Speak Out About Racism
    Source: The GuardianA couple stand by a flower bed. Her arm is wrapped about his waist like a rose climbing a tree. He rests his cheek on the top of her head. They stare down the lens, their bodies pressed together from thigh to neck in the late afternoon sun. “They are disgusting”, reads a handwritten caption below the image. This shot is one of US photographer Donna Pinckley’s ongoing series Sticks and Stones, which pairs interracial couples with the abuse... link to source

  • Why Do People Act the Way They Do on Black Friday?
    Source: BBC News - UK NewsThe psychological secret of Black Friday. link to source

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy Eases "Dental Phobia"
    Source: BBC News - Top HeadlinesPeople with a dental phobia are more likely to undergo treatment without sedation if they have had Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), research suggests. link to source

  • Afghanistan's Women Risk Their Lives to Demand Equal Rights
    Source: The GuardianA string of killings has pushed Afghan women to the brink and galvanised the rights movement, but risks are high as Taliban searches homes for protesters In Afghanistan, a string of vicious murders this year has led to a public furore and protests, energising the national women’s rights movement. However the movement still faces major challenges as women battle cultural norms within Afghanistan. The Taliban has also gained ground and... link to source

  • Improving Fitness May Counteract Brain Atrophy in Older Adults
    Source: ScienceDailyOlder adults that improved their fitness through a moderate intensity exercise program increased the thickness of their brain's cortex, the outer layer of the brain that typically atrophies with Alzheimer's disease, according to a new study. These effects were found in both healthy older adults and those diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment, an early stage of Alzheimer's disease. link to source

  • Stimulant Medications May Harm Sleep for Kids with ADHD
    Source: Yahoo News - HealthTaking stimulant medications may decrease quantity and quality of sleep for kids with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to an analysis of existing studies. link to source

  • Black U.S. Leaders Call for Abolition Day Holiday
    Source: Reuters - US NewsA group of black U.S. lawmakers and other prominent figures on Tuesday called on the federal government to declare a national holiday to mark Abolition Day, the official end to the nation's use of slavery. link to source

  • Republicans Prefer Politicians with Deep Voices, Study Finds
    Source: ScienceDailyMasculine features are important assets for conservative politicians, while it is more important for their liberal counterparts to have gentle features, according to two recent scientific articles. This suggests that physical features have a larger impact on voter preferences than previously thought and that different physical features appeal to different voter segments. link to source

  • Work Ahead on the Long Road to Realistic Casting
    Source: BBC News - Top HeadlinesCriticism over Benedict Cumberbatch's cameo as a transgender model in a new film is just the latest episode in a long and controversial history of portrayals of minorities, says Samira Ahmed. link to source

  • Mental Health Risk for New Dads
    Source: ScienceDailyAnxiety around the arrival of a new baby is just as common as postnatal depression, and the risks for men are nearly as high as for women, researchers have found. A mental health researcher reviewed 43 separate studies and found anxiety before and after a child arrives is just as prevalent as depression, affecting around 1 in 10 men, around half the rate for women. link to source

  • Alaska Beach Sculptures Represent Emotional Vulnerabilities
    Source: U.S. News and World ReportDozens of sculptures made of straw, cement, plaster and burlap are spread across an Anchorage beach in a public art installation that is focusing on mental health. link to source

  • Vietnam Law Change Introduces Transgender Rights
    Source: The GuardianNew legislation will allow those who have undergone reassignment to register under new gender as nation moves towards more progressive views on sexuality. Vietnam passed a law on Tuesday enshrining rights for transgender people in a move advocacy groups say paves the way for gender reassignment surgery in the authoritarian communist nation. People who want the operation, which is illegal, tend to have it done in nearby Thailand. The new... link to source

  • Health Risk of Loneliness Has Physiological Basis
    Source: Yahoo News - HealthLoneliness can increase the risk of premature death by 14 percent in older adults, according to a study published Monday that posits a physiological basis for the phenomenon. link to source

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