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  • Controversy Over Children’s Screen-Time Recommendations
    A new UK research study from Oxford University suggests American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommended screen-time limits on children aged two to five are too restrictive. The AAP proposes a […] link to source

  • Family Meals Help Children Physically and Mentally
    A new Canadian study investigated the long-held belief that when children and parents dine together, the child benefits. Although this presumption has been implied, the new study confirms that children […] link to source

  • Healthy Eating Tied to Greater Wellbeing in Children
    Regardless of body weight, children who eat healthy diets are more likely to have higher self-esteem and fewer emotional and peer problems, such as having fewer friends or being picked […] link to source

  • Journaling Appears to Improve Altruism
    Technology in the form of brain imaging allow researchers to objectively evaluate how our actions affect the brain. A remarkable new imaging study suggests that the regular noting of feelings […] link to source

  • High-Altitude Psychosis Seen as Distinct from Altitude Sickness
    In a new study of psychotic episodes at extreme altitudes, researchers have determined that high-altitude psychosis is a stand-alone medical illness, rather than a condition stemming from acute altitude sickness […] link to source

  • Can Air Pollution Influence Teen Behavior?
    A profound new study links higher levels of air pollution to increased teenage delinquency. Researchers from University of Southern California’s (USC) Keck School of Medicine believe the association is a […] link to source

  • Father’s Rejection Can Lead to Teen Anxiety
    In a new study, Pennsylvania State University investigators discovered rejection from fathers during adolescence may lead to increases in social anxiety and loneliness among teens. The paper appears in the […] link to source

  • Apprehension Over Loss of Control May Fuel Anxiety Disorders
    Do you know someone who when leaving their house, always goes back to check to ensure they turned off the gas or propane heaters? Or, do you double check that […] link to source

  • New Therapy Can Aid Social Skills for Those with Schizophrenia
    U.K. researchers have found support for a new therapy for young people suffering from schizophrenia. The technique, social recovery therapy, helps individuals reconnect and engage with the world around them. […] link to source

  • Many MDs Reluctant to Prescribe Cannabis for Kids with Cancer
    Doctors who care for pediatric cancer patients receive frequent requests for medical marijuana to help relieve children’s pain, nausea, lack of appetite, depression, and anxiety. But how often is cannabis […] link to source

  • Action Video Games May Improve Cognitive Skills
    A new international research effort declares that action video games influence cognitive abilities such as perception, attention, and reaction time. The finding stems from an analysis of over 15 years […] link to source

  • Diet Can Influence Mood Differently By Age
    Emerging research suggests that dietary practices affect mental health differently in young versus older adults. Investigators from Binghamton University, State University of New York conducted an anonymous Internet survey, asking […] link to source

  • High-Intensity Exercise Can Slow Parkinson’s
    While exercise has always been recommended for people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) a new study now suggests very intense exercise, performed three times a week, can keep symptoms from worsening. […] link to source

  • High Morning Cortisol Tied to Long-term Anxiety in Family Members of ICU Patients
    When a patient enters intensive care for critical illness, his or her family members often suffer from long-term anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, or other negative effects. A new study published […] link to source

  • Disagreements May Help to Reduce Bias
    New research from the College of Business at Virginia Tech University suggests it’s possible to activate a mindset that leads people to become open to questioning their assumptions. One of […] link to source

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