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  • Depression Can Taint Past as Well as Present
    A first of its kind research approach suggests depression can lead to hindsight bias, a distorted view of the past. It is well known that depression influences a person to […] link to source

  • Less Prenatal Stress Reduces Child Behavioral Problems
    New research suggests expectant mothers may want to consider stress management as a way to lower the risk of problematic behavior in their offspring. Investigators from the University of Ottawa […] link to source

  • Risky Teen Behavior May Be Exploration, Not Underdeveloped Brain
    A new review published in the journal Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience argues that teenagers’ risky behaviors may be a matter of exploration rather than the result of an under-developed brain, which […] link to source

  • Loss of Sense of Smell May Help Identify Alzheimer’s
    New research suggests odor identification tests may help scientists track the evolution of Alzheimer’s disease in persons at risk. “Despite all the research in the area, no effective treatment has […] link to source

  • Activity Patterns May Predict if Depression Responds to Ketamine
    Monitoring a depressed patient’s daily activity patterns before trying the drug ketamine — being tested as a fast-acting antidepressant — may help physicians determine whether the drug will be effective or not, […] link to source

  • Hormones Can Influence Competitive Emotions
    Competitive situations can lead to a strong display of feelings, including the chance of heated arguments and disputes. However, as emotions get hot, not everyone reacts in the same way. […] link to source

  • Personalized Blood Tests Provide Better Way to Predict Suicide Risk
    A newly developed universal blood test can help to predict if a person is at high suicide risk. Indiana University researchers say the test is unique as it can be […] link to source

  • New User-Friendly Apps Can Help Older Adults Manage Mental Issues
    In a new study, researchers showed that the use of a smartphone application can transform the delivery of geriatric psychiatry by integrating medical and psychiatric self-management intervention. Experts explain that […] link to source

  • Study Finds Work is Intense and Emotionally Exhausting for Most US Workers
    New research confirms what many Americans already know — that their jobs are hard and draining, and it is difficult to separate work from home. The new study finds that workers […] link to source

  • For Many Couples, Coke vs Pepsi Can Impact Relationship
    New research suggests that when partners prefer different consumer brands — say you prefer Diet Coke and your partner likes Diet Pepsi — relationship quality may be impacted. In fact, Duke […] link to source

  • ‘Smiley’ Emojis in Formal Work Emails May be Frowned Upon
    A new study reveals that smiley-face emojis and similar emoticons in professional e-mails may not create a positive impression and may even affect the receiver’s willingness to share work-related information. […] link to source

  • Are Unpleasant Emotions Part of Happiness?
    A new study suggests it is okay if we are not always happy. In fact, investigators discovered life satisfaction is a product of experiencing both negative and positive emotions. In […] link to source

  • Bumper Stickers Can Incite Emotions & Cognitive Interplay
    A new research effort suggests bumper stickers engage social communication by stimulating drivers and passengers to interact. The premise challenges traditional theory that views freeways and other superhighways as “non-places […] link to source

  • Transgender TV Characters May Impact Audience Attitudes
    People who watch transgender characters on television tend to have more positive attitudes toward both transgender people and related policies, according to a new study at the University of Southern […] link to source

  • Breaking Gender Roles May Challenge Mental Health
    Emerging research out of the University of Illinois suggests that some mothers’ and fathers’ psychological well-being may suffer when their work and family identities — and the amount of financial support […] link to source

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