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Convert your e-mail addresses from text to image

Why use it? Ever wondered what the best way is to attract spammers to your inbox? Just post your e-mail address on any public website (e.g., forum, blog, etc.) and start counting your "new friends". Indexing software (spambots) constantly spiders the web to search for e-mail addresses (both in plain text or hidden within "mailto" tags).

How does it work? This tool converts your entered text into an image output (png format). Images cannot be "indexed" by e-mail address harvesters.

How to use it? Enter an e-mail address, right-click on the generated image, and save it for future use. If you are not allowed to post images at places where you need to post your e-mail address, use the option below.

E-mail Protector

Alternative option. Less safe than the option above, but better than nothing. This javascript encodes your e-mail address into a set of characters that are easily recognized by browsers but not so easily by spambots. Simply enter an e-mail address, click "Encode", and paste the encoded text instead of an e-mail address.

Click into the field below to select the entire output