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Dyadic and Individual measures (PAQ-D & PAQ-I) are available free of charge for research purposes. To request one or both measures, complete the form.

Researcher Agreement Form

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Part 2: Planned use of the PAQ I am requesting Perceptual Agreement Questionnaire:
Dyadic Perspective
Individual Perspective
Sample: Maximum number of participants to be tested with the PAQ:

Title or subject of your intended study, followed by a brief description of participants and of the role of the PAQ:

Part 3: If you are currently a student, please answer the following questions Supervisor's name and academic title :

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Part 4: Affirmation and signature
a. I affirm that the Perceptual Agreement Questionnaire(s) (PAQ) will be used in keeping with ethical and professional standards for use of tests, as articulated in the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, most recent edition.

b. I agree to abide by the copyright of the PAQ. I will not reproduce PAQ question booklets or answer sheets beyond the authorized copying required to test the number of respondents specified above. I agree that I am expressly prohibited from the following, unless additional written approval is granted by the author of the PAQ: reproduction of items in research reports (including dissertations); and distribution of PAQ test materials, including booklets and scoring materials, by any means to other parties. I also agree not to use the PAQ materials for any for- profit purpose.

c. I agree to safeguard the PAQ from unsuitable or inappropriate use. To safeguard the security of the PAQ, I agree to store PAQ test materials, including test booklets and scoring materials, in secure (that is, locked) storage facilities accessible only to authorized personnel.

If this space is initialed by the researcher, I agree to donate a copy of raw research materials, with identifying information removed, as well as ASCII computer files (and documentation) and SPSS system files (or equivalent) on my research measures, to the PAQ archive directed by the authors of the PAQ.

BY SIGNING BELOW, I certify that I have read and agree with these statements.
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